T A Y L O R E D   W E L L N E S S

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W O R K   W I T H  M E

H E A L T H    C O A C H I N G

    My coaching services are designed to help you discover the connection between all areas of your life and how they each provide nourishment to the mind and body. Together we will identify your struggles, gain clarity on your goals, and uncover the imbalances that are affecting your overall wellbeing. You will lead the way and I will provide guidance, accountability, and a non-judgmental space so that together we can find your path to a vibrant life.

My programs are personalized and will be taylored to your specific needs. You will not be handed a quick-fix or a standard diet plan, but instead will be taking an active part in developing a greater understanding of how your body works, and how to create the life you want to live. It’s not about being perfect, but about staying consistent while making small, incremental changes that will significantly impact your health and happiness.

W h e r e    y o u   c h o o s e    t o    f o c u s    y o u r    e n e r g y   

w i l l   g r o  w

Are you ready to overcome your challenges, commit to change, and invest in your health? I would be honored to guide you in this transformation. Review my coaching options below, and sign up for a free discovery call to start working towards a happier, healthier you!

C O A C H I N G   P R O G R A M S 


Lasting change is created through patience and commitment. Together we will dive deep into each area of your life that provides nourishment. We will find what works best for you, and upgrade the behaviors that are no longer serving you. I will guide you towards developing a stronger understanding of how your body works, and how to find the solutions you need to feel confident and energized as you begin creating the life you want to live!


  • An initial health assesment to create a taylored action plan to reach your wellness goals
  • 12 x 50-min biweekly coaching sessions in person or online
  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions
  • Access to nutritional resources and educational tools
  • My guidance and ongoing support through the entire process
  • Bonus 30-min follow-up session

Through our work together you can expect to achieve

  • Increased health and wellness
  • Ability to listen to your body and determine its needs
  • A balanced diet that supports your mood and energy levels
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • More calm throughout your day
  • Engagement in a style of movement that you love
  • Development of a self care practice that boosts your confidence
  • Increased joy and satisfaction with your work and relationships
  • A spiritual practice that provides a sense of purpose and connection

Our Work Together May Include

  • Mastering New Habits
  • Daily Routines
  • Stress Management
  • Mindset + Motivation
  • Sleep + Energy
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Home Cooking + Meal Planning
  • Self Care
  • Food Cravings