Bringing supplements to support digestion, aid in sleep, and boost immunity and energy levels while traveling has been a game changer for me! I recommend prioritizing quality when searching for supplements; always check the ingredients list, and it’s worth spending a little extra money on reputable brands. Supplements are very personal and should be targeted to specific needs, so find what works best for you and your body!

Here are the supplements I have found that support me best, and I have linked some of my favorite brands!



These are always great to have on hand when on the go, it will give your immune system an extra boost and cover all the bases! Although I prefer to get most of my nutrients from food, this can be especially hard while away from home. I use one from Equilibrium Nutrition.


This delicious berry is a powerhouse for immunity and antioxidant support. You can use this as a preventative measure or have on hand to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery.

Greens Powder: 

I don’t know about you, but I am a greens fanatic 😉 this is something I always have with me when I am away from home. Sometimes fruits/veggies aren’t as accessible when traveling, so taking a supplement will help fill in any gaps you may be missing from your diet, and will give you a boost of energy for the day!  This one is my favorite. I fill up a stasher bag and just mix it into my water each morning!

Holy Basil: 

This adaptogenic herb promotes a healthy response to stress and restores balance within your mind and body, allowing it to adapt to situations that may create stress or anxiety (airports, packing, navigating a new city, etc.)


While traveling it is crucial to pay attention to your gut health! Probiotics support digestive health and balance intestinal flora to overall strengthen your immune system.

Digestive Enzymes:

If you have any food sensitivities or are dealing with bloating/gas, taking a digestion aid will help break down your food and allow your body to absorb the nutrients with greater ease. These are particularly helpful when eating out a lot, or eating new foods that you do not normally have. I have found that these allow me to enjoy meals with much more comfort.


A powerful sleep aid that promotes relaxation and can help counteract jet-lag, as well as relieve you from muscle aches that may come along with traveling. This particular brand is my personal favorite, and works wonders! It comes in powder form, and I like to mix it with hot water and make a little tonic before bed! It’s a great way to destress from a long day, and a lovely ritual to add into your evening routine, letting your mind and body know it’s time to rest! If you prefer pill form, I recommend this one.

Herbal Teas:

I am a major tea drinker, and having a cup while away is comforting and gives me a little sense of home. Some of my favorites are

1) chamomile-has a natural calming affect and can aid in sleep

2) peppermint– helps soothe the digestive track

3) ginger– helps fight nausea and inflammation, as well as boosts the immune system, and is a great digestive aid to drink along with your meals

There are a variety of delicious flavors, with amazing health benefits, just find what works for you!


Ultimately, supplements can be a great way to provide a little extra support during times of travel to minimize stress, maximize comfort, and protect our health and well-being. Let me know if you have tried any of these supplements, or found something else that works for you!

Enjoy your travels!


xoxo taylor