Why do you exercise?

Exercise looks a little different for everyone. For some it’s a session at the gym, going on a run, or attending a fitness class. For others it can mean working in the garden, swimming in the ocean, or going for a walk in nature. The important thing is to make sure we are moving our bodies.

If you are dragging yourself to the gym or dreading the class you signed up for, you are way less likely to stick to it and see the results you want. Find something that serves you, excites you, and gets your heart rate up!

Working out provides so much more that changes in your physical body, and once you discover this it will enhance your life in tremendous ways. Personally, I love working out in the morning, it’s a great way to get your muscles moving and your blood flowing. It also gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment, and energizes you for the day ahead!

Start where you are at, and begin finding ways to add more movement into your day. Eventually your body will begin to crave it! Your preferences are not stagnant either, it’s okay to change your workout style or to decide something is no longer serving you. Some days I feel like lifting weights, and other days I feel like going for a long walk around my neighborhood. Your body will let you know what it needs, make sure you are paying attention and giving yourself recovery time as well.

Stuck at a plateau, bored, or avoiding your workouts? It may be time to switch things up! Sign up for a class you have never tried before, play a sport with a friend, find something that challenges you. When we keep our bodies guessing by using different muscle groups we are most effective in creating strength and balance.

Our bodies are truly amazing and carry us through each and every day, it’s so important that we take care of them and keep them healthy and strong.

Not seeing results? Need help finding a new routine? Looking for a workout buddy? Let’s connect!