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A Taylored Approach To Healthy Living

Taylor Holt

Founder, Taylored Wellness

I’m Taylor! A nature-lover, world traveler, and certified health coach supporting busy women who are looking to upgrade their lifestyle and take control of their health. I am passionate about the healing powers of whole foods, an active lifestyle, and spending time outdoors. 

Health extends far beyond the food on our plate. Our thought patterns, daily habits, and connectedness to the world around us, all contribute to our well-being. With a background in psychology, integrative nutrition, and holistic health, I am here to guide you in finding your path to a vibrant and balanced life. 

Together we will create a taylored plan to shift your mindset, redefine your relationship with food, and build healthy habits that will allow you to have more energy, build more confidence, and feel empowered to create a life that you love.

Health and happiness looks different for everyone, and there is no one lifestyle that works for all of us!  It’s not about being perfect but about showing up for yourself, living with intention, and finding congruency between who you are on the inside, and how you show up in the world around you!

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“When I first came to Taylor I felt like I had no control over my eating habits, and I was tired all the time which fed into a cycle of stress eating, not exercising, and too much coffee. I felt overwhelmed by how much I needed to change and how much my fitness level had dropped. Taylor was able to help me create small, manageable action steps towards my goals and hold me accountable to them.

She provided me with tools and resources to help manage stress, have better communication, and make more time for myself.

One of the most significant changes I have experienced is my change in mentality. When it comes to food, exercise, and self care I no longer see things as all or nothing. I feel more in control of my health and confident in my abilities, and these changes feel sustainable.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, but don’t know where to start, have problems with consistency, or feel overwhelmed by your health goals, I would highly recommend Taylor. She is knowledgable, compassionate, and flexible in finding solutions that work for your unique situation and goals.”

– M.P.

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